5 Summer Jobs for Students

Most students start looking for summer jobs after school is over so they can make pay for tuition of have some extra spending cash. First-time employees can gain experience, learn about responsibility, team-work, managing tasks and improve their communication skills. Moreover, teenagers or young adults can make connections, bond and learn from people beyond their school or group of friends.

1. Internship

An internship is the ideal job for students who want to gain experience in a certain field related to their studies. Because of the competitive environment, you must apply as soon as you find an opening. Some internships are unpaid, but prove to be great opportunity for learning. Furthermore, most employers want employees with more than just a college diploma. An internship can demonstrate that they are motivated, passionate, proactive and willing to work.

2. Pool cleaner

Students can find pool cleaning summer jobs almost anywhere, due to the fact that everybody needs their pool cleaned. It is a great way to spend time outside and earn some extra money. The key to this job is getting good references, so make sure you pay attention to details and make a good impression. The pay range can vary from minimum wage and up, depending on the location and the way you work, with a company or on your own.

3. Abroad summer jobs

Summer jobs can also be fun, especially if you decide to pack and go work abroad. Bar work or holiday repping are becoming very popular jobs among students. Working in another country is a priceless experience because you experience a different culture and meet interesting people. Furthermore, you can make friends for life and even learn a new language. The work can be hard, but the benefits are greater.

4. Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard is one of the most challenging summer jobs because it involves great responsibility,. However, most lifeguards enjoy their job because of the fun environment and interesting people they meet. Requirements for this kind of job include CPR certification, first aid courses, basic water rescue and bloodborne pathogens training. This job can provide a substantial summer income if you have great swimming skills.

5. Nanny or pet-sitter

School is out for the summer and many working parents hire sitters and pay great rates. A nanny must be responsible, creative and have knowledge about child-care. Additionally, if you want to pursue a career as a doctor, psychologist or teacher, having previous experience with children and recommendations from parents is a something that you can add to the resume. If working with children is too much for you, taking care of animals is a great job.

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