5 Tips for Cooking with a Slow Cooker

Nowadays, many people choose to have in their kitchen a slow cooker which is without any doubt an extremely useful appliance. These economical and easy to use appliances help us prepare delicious and healthy foods. In case you don’t yet have an appliance like this and want to buy one, have a look at the following 5 tips for cooking with a slow cooker.

1. Do not add too much liquid on the food

This is an essential tip which you must follow when cooking with a slow cooker. Due the fact that a slow cooker has a tightly sealed lid, the liquid that is on the meat or vegetables won’t evaporate. This is why you should add water or whatever liquid you use only until it covers the meat or the vegetables. By doing so, the food will certainly be more delicious.

2. You don’t need to add oil

In a slow cooker you don’t need to add oil. The contents won’t catch as long as you add a bit of water or any other liquids. Even if you cook meat you don’t need to add oil. Just add a bit of water or a sauce and a mix of herbs and leave it like that to cook. By doing so, you will certainly enjoy a delicious, tasty and most of all healthy steak.

3. Stop checking all the time the food

When using a slow cooker it is indicated that you don’t check the food all the time as you usually do when cooking. A slow cooker is specially designed to cook in a professional way and you don’t need to take the lid off and mix the ingredients all the time. You will probably need to do that only once during the cooking process.

4. Use low temperature setting

It is highly recommended that you use the low temperature setting when cooking in a slow cooker. Even if it’s going to last a bit longer until your dinner is ready, the dish will certainly taste absolutely amazing and it will be extremely flavoured.

5. Don’t forget about the herbs

Every time you cook using a slow cooker, don’t forget to add herbs. It is essential to do that in case you want to enjoy a flavoured and tasty dish. You should add the herbs when the food is almost ready. Once you add the herbs, put the lid back on and leave it like that for a few more minutes.

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