Advantages of Using a Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls are the latest trend for knitters and crocheters and you can find a wide variety of such bowls online. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes and they appeal to both knitters and crocheters. For a newbie, these bowls may seem to have a purely aesthetic purpose, but pro knitters and crocheters know that this new tool can be very useful. If you are not sure of whether or not you should invest in such a bowl, here are its main advantages:

1. Less distractions

The main purpose of the yarn bowl is to keep the yarn from bouncing around when your are knitting or crocheting. This happens every time you knit and it can be quite distracting. This specific bowl is usually made of heavy materials such as ceramics or a heavy type of wood. The heaviness of the bowl prevents the yarn from rolling and bouncing all over your house and distracting you during this otherwise relaxing activity.

2. Less tangling

When the yarn bowl bounces around the house while you knit, it isn’t only distracting, but it can also tangle. We all have that image in our heads with a grandma knitting while a cat is playing with the yarn. This might seem sweet in a movie, but in real life it can be quite unpleasant if the cat tangles your yarn. Untangling a yarn can be a nightmare, but this special bowl can indeed prevent this from happening.

3. It protects the yarn

If you are working with a delicate fabric, it can easily get dirty or even get damaged if the yarn is bouncing all over the house. Moreover, during the bouncing, the yarn can get twisted which can result in a twisted garment.

As you can see, a yarn bowl can be quite useful. Of course, you can improvise a solution to prevent the yarn from bouncing and twisting. You can use a toilet paper roll for small yarns, a zip-lock bag, a teapot, or you can simply improvise your own yarn bowl by sticking a large binder clip on the side of a regular ceramic bowl. However, you have to admit that yarn bowls have a certain charm and they are certainly a more elegant solution than a toilet paper roll or a zip-lock bag. Moreover, these bowls are very affordable and they can be find in any knitting supply store, be it a physical store or an online store.

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