Best Garage Security Systems

A garage is a useful addition to your house that combines the utility of having a storage place with the comfort of getting out of the car under shelter. Those who own a garage know how convenient it is to step out of the car inside the garage, then go straight into the house. However, the garage can also be a way for intruders to get inside your house easier, in case you forget the door open, which is why you must make sure the garage is secured and closed tight. For this, we present you the best garage security systems that guarantee the safety of your house by closing any contact with an unwanted person.

Chamberlain WD832KEV 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are one way to keep your garage door locked tight so that no one can enter your house when you are not at home. The security is maintained with the help of intelligent technologies that make sure the door remains closed once you operate the garage door opener. The most advanced garage door openers, such as the Chamberlain WD832KEV 1/2 HP, use a rolling code technology that generates new entry codes every time you close the garage in order to keep intruders from trespassing. It also comes with a timer-to-close feature that closes the door shortly after you leave home, just in case you forget to push the button and you can’t remember if you did. You can also connect to the system using your smartphone thanks to the MyQ technology and check if the door is securely locked in case you are not sure you closed the door.

Onvif CCTV 2MP Security Web Camera System

A security camera can offer you full control of what happens near your garage, being one of the most popular security systems installed at home. The Onvif CCTV security camera system is a great addition to the security of your garage thanks to the high 2 MP resolution that can deliver sharp images of whoever enters or exits your garage. It’s built with a weatherproof housing so you can place it anywhere near the garage and it offer clear night vision for surveillance around the clock. It offers various recording modes including motion detection, schedule recording, alarm recording, and manual recording, so you can personalize the way it works. The remote view allows you to control the footage from a distance so that you will enjoy complete protection even when you are not at home.

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