Best Massage Chairs with Heat Therapy

A massage is definitely one of the best ways to relax after a long day of work. Nowadays, we have the option to get a massage chair which we can use in the comfort of our homes, as often as we want. Moreover, these chairs are very versatile. If you read some reviews on, you will see that modern massage chairs are packed with numerous innovative technologies, meant to improve the massage experience. The most recommended are the ones that use heat, in order to offer you the best massage experience ever. Here are some of the best massage chairs with heat therapy.

Osaki OS – 4000

This Japanese unit can make miracles when it comes to massages. Besides the fact that it is extremely comfortable, and it looks absolutely fantastic, it is also very powerful since it has 11 motors, and it has amazing features such as a clever 4 roller system, 32 airbags, adjustable air bag massage, an LCD display and a wireless mini controller. Moreover, it has 7 operation modes: full air, smart, circulation, neck&shoulder, health care, back&lumbar, and relax. However, the most important feature when it comes to Osaki OS – 4000 is the heat therapy, which totally relaxes your body and mind.

Shiatsu Recliner 06C

This unit is considered by many users a great choice due to its high-efficiency and affordability as well. It comes with a set of rollers in order to imitate the Shiatsu massage movements and an adjustable massage pressure. Moreover, its operating techniques are relaxing and very effective. Use this device only for 10 minutes and you will definitely be impressed by the results. The chair also features an amazing heating system, and when it is on, the soles of your feet are heated during the operation, in order to increase the relief. The unit is very gentle when operating, and it doesn’t harsh on the muscles as others do. Overall, the product certainly deserves to be one of the best massage chairs with heat therapy, which you should seriously think to purchase.

Kahuna Zero Gravity Recliner LM6800

This device is meant to massage the whole body, from head to toe. It also heats your back, which is fantastic for those with back aches. The unit uses a specialized therapy of rolling, kneading, and tapping for a maximum relaxation. You will feel like you would have a hands-on therapist. The gentle yet deep massage, will stimulate the whole body, will improve the blood circulation and it will relief the pain. After a massage session with this spectacular chair, you will definitely feel energized and more relaxed. Furthermore, Kahuna Zero is a reasonably priced unit that many of us can afford to buy.

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