Choosing the Best Hair Color for Your skin Tone

If you’ve ever wanted to change the color of your hair, you know what it feels to be flooded with choices. Should you opt for a lighter color, or darker shade or simply stick to your natural hair color? Whatever your choice is, the fact is that changing your hair can transform your entire look. Here are some useful tips for choosing the best hair color that will complement your skin tone and enhance your facial features.

Fair skin

If for example you have a pale skin, dark black hair or dark brown can make you look even paler. Instead, opt for brown shades or blonde shades that are also a great choice but avoid choosing a very light shade. These very light colors can give pale skin a weak and ill feel. For more extravagance and originality, some red shades can be also a good choice for a person that has clear skin, but too bright a red can almost “erase” your facial face so it’s best to opt for copper or other light shades of red.

Neutral skin tone

Women that have a neutral skin tone are the luckiest because they have a wider range of choices to choose colors for their hair. If you have a neutral skin tone, you should focus on the color of your eyes to select your future dye because in this way it will be easier to choose an appropriate hair dye. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hair colors because in the end you will find something that will enhance your features significantly. If you have blue or green eyes you can dye your hair a light blonde or even red. Red will work very well with green eyes. The darker hair colors can also work very well for women that have a neutral skin tone but blue, green or gray eyes because it will make their eyes pop.

Olive or tanned skin tone

The dark complexions or perfect tan generally work well with all hair colors. A beautiful blonde with tanned skin is always sexy. Women that have dark skin and dark hair colors are also very charming with perhaps more class and a Mediterranean feel. Some red hair color choices by cons do not work at all well on dark or tanned skin. Dark skin with dark eyes and dark hair is a classic combination. If you want to highlight your dark hair blond is not a good idea, a chestnut or brown would be more highly recommended. There are many women that have a very dark skintone and have tried to dye their hair blonde, but it didn’t went too well.

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