Common Misconceptions about Home Water Filters

Installing home water filters has become a common practice in most homes, as people start to be more aware on the effects the polluted can have on their health. Although home water filters have started to gain popularity, people still have misconceptions about them, so this article can turn out to be useful for those who hesitate to install one at home.

One water filter is enough because you only need clean water for drinking

This idea couldn’t be more wrong, as clean water is important for every use, from drinking to cooking to bathing. Most people think this way and choose to install only one filter on a tap in their home that they use to drink water from, instead of opting for a whole house water filter that could purify the water running through every source in their home. It’s true that the major harm is done by drinking dirty water, but cooking with polluted water or washing your food with it can also have repercussions on your health. Furthermore, the impurities in the water are not dangerous only if you ingest them, but can also affect the health of your skin and hair when you bath or while you do your laundry.

Every water filter has the same effect on the water

Home water filters use various technologies that allow them to have a certain effect on the water that runs through them and once you start your research on the types of water filters, you will see the differences. For example, if you read some water filter reviews on, you will see that each type of filter is designed for dealing with a different range of contaminants. Depending on the type of their cartridges and their size, water filters can handle contaminants in the water like gasses, VOCs, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, minerals, dust, and rust. Not every filter works the same as another and the best way to make sure you are using the right type of water filter is to detect the type of pollutants existing in the water in your house. You can easily do it by taking a sample to a local laboratory where you will find out what type of pollutants you are dealing with.

Home water filters are very expensive

The purchase price and the additional costs of various water filter models concern everyone who is looking for ways to limit their expenses, which is why many people avoid installing a home water filter. However, if you do a little math, you will realize that a water filter will cost you less than constantly buying bottled water, not to mention that it will help you save more money in the long run because it will keep you healthy. There are plenty of home water filters that cost very little and imply low maintenance cost in order to encourage you to opt for one at home.

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