Complete Treadmill Buying Guide

Owning a treadmill at home could be the key to a healthier life, a slimmer figure, and an increased health without even having to leave home. The advantages of home exercising have attracted more and more people into buying a treadmill because it is a fitness equipment that works various areas of the body and offers excellent results. In order to choose a suitable treadmill, it would be wise to check out some treadmill reviews. Quality reviews can be found on, along with ratings which measure the performance of each unit. However, when reading reviews, you must keep a few things in mind. To help you buy a unit that is really efficient, discover below a complete treadmill buying guide.

Motor size

In treadmills, it’s not always “the bigger, the better”, but more about what is suitable for you. A motor with under 1.25 CHP is a weak one that is only suitable for lightweight users that rarely use the treadmill. Motors over 1.75 CHP are perfect for those who want to jog and run in order to lose some weight while motors over 2.0 CHP are designed for intense use.

Track size

If you are a petite person, the track size may not be important, but for taller users it indicates how comfortable and safe they will feel while running and walking. The tracks range between 16” and 22” in width and 42” and 63” in length and the most common size is 20” x 50”, in order to meet the needs of most users.

Easily navigable controls

How easily it will be for you to use the treadmill say much about how efficient it will be for you, since there’s no use in buying an expensive treadmill that you don’t know how to use. When you look for treadmills, see how easily it starts, how readable the controls are and how smooth the console works.


Being an electric device that is also large and bulky, it can be dangerous for those who don’t know how to use it, especially children. This is why the treadmill comes with a safety key that starts the unit and can be attached to your clothing in order to stop the treadmill if you fall. Keep the safety key locked away when you are not using the treadmill so that no one will get hurt using it.

Electronic Features

Many treadmills include series of electronic features that increase its performance and convenience, such as interactive screens that display the calories or customizable packages that memorize the routine and particularities of every user. With an electronic package like this, the treadmill memorizes your ID and keeps a track of your weight, the type of exercise you prefer, as well as your progress.

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