Debunking the Water Ionizer Myth – Is Alkaline Water Really Healthy?

While it’s true that you shouldn’t cheap out when it comes to your own health, you shouldn’t spend a ton of money on various products and devices that promise they will help you lead a better life without doing research on them first either. Water ionizers are very expensive, and alkaline water is considered to be beneficial for the consumer’s health by some people, while others say that the consumption of alkaline water is dangerous. In the following lines we will be debunking the water ionizer myth, and you can know if alkaline water is truly healthy to drink or not, making your decision regarding investing thousands of dollars in a water ionizer easier.

What is myth and what is real about alkaline water?

There is evidence that suggests the fact that alkaline water has a lot of benefits for the consumer’s health, definitely the one seen as the most important being the prevention of cancer, but no studies have proved that alkaline water helps prevent or fight certain diseases. The fact that alkaline water is better at hydration than regular water is true, and this has been proved due to the fact that it has fine particles which get absorbed a lot easier. This is especially good if you are an active person, because you need to stay hydrated in order to be able to exercise, and drinking the ultra-hydrating alkaline water is the best option to go with.

A funny and shocking rumor that surrounds alkaline water is the fact that it will make the consumer too alkaline. Nothing could be more wrong, because people today tend to be too acidic because of what they eat and drink anyway, and even if a person isn’t acidic and consumes the alkaline water, it still doesn’t mean that person will be too alkaline due to consuming the water on a daily basis either.

Is alkaline water safe for consumption?

The fact that certain health professionals don’t encourage alkaline water consumption is because they don’t agree with the health claims that are surrounding it, considering this type of water as being hyped for no real reason, but no health specialist said that alkaline water isn’t safe for consumption.

The only type of alkaline water you must try to avoid is artificial alkaline water that is made by adding slaked lime to the water you are drinking, because it lacks minerals, and by drinking artificial alkaline water on a daily basis you might have a mineral deficiency in your body. Therefore, keep in mind the fact that drinking alkaline water that has been made with the use of a water ionizer is as safe as drinking regular water, and don’t allow this false rumor to influence your decision on buying a water ionizer as well.

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