Find How to Perfect your Bow Shooting Technique

If you are a bow shooting enthusiast, you can be certain that you have chosen yourself a unique and exciting hobby that will bring you many satisfactions. But for performance and achievement to come, you must become better and better and you can’t do that without knowing which are the things you should and shouldn’t do.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Archery

As a novice, you are likely to make certain mistakes that are commonly seen in people practicing bow shooting. Given that with practice comes perfection, you should focus on how you perform your shots and try to avoid some of the mistakes that could ruin your shots.

Your stance is not stable

If you tend to change the position of your feet while shooting, you might know why you don’t get the expected results. Your stance must be firm and stable between shots so that you won’t lose balance. To help you keep your feet at the right distance, a great trick is you apply some tape on the floor to know exactly where you need to stand. Some people use an open stance while others prefer to close their legs in order to stay balanced. This depends on each one’s center of gravity and the strength of the shots.

You hold the bowstring wrong

Where you place your fingers on the bowstring is strongly connected to how good your shot will be. Believe it or not, it is very important to place your fingers in the correct spot and that you maintain that position throughout the entire shot. If you don’t grab the string the right way, the result could be a missed shot or blisters on your fingers.

You don’t finish the shot in strength

When you aim to the target, you grab the bow, pull the string with strength, and then you might make a mistake and release the arrow with a lower strength. If you focus too much on aiming and you forget to concentrate on tightening your muscles, chances are you will miss the shot. To avoid this, try to stay focused during the entire shot, from the beginning to the moment you release the arrow. This way, you will get stronger shots.

You don’t rotate your elbow the right way

Another common mistake archers make is to rotate their elbow in the wrong direction. The elbow must be rotated straight up and down in order to prevent not only a faulty shot but also an injury to the inner elbow. The secret to mastering this part of the shot is to rotate the elbow straight before raising the bow in order to maintain the same elbow position and achieve a stronger and more accurate shot.

Useful Tips to Follow for Perfect Bow Shots

Now that you know which are the mistakes you must stay away from, it’s time to learn some helpful tips that will help you become a better archer. Remember that you must be patient and practice as much as you can in order to achieve the perfect bow shot.

Get a great bow

As in any sport, the equipment you rely on can do half of the hard work and can make you a better player by simply providing you the best playing conditions. If you want to experience the feeling of a high-end bow, we recommend a compound bow that is more accurate and smoother than a regular bow. However, you need to really practice before trying such a bow because it requires more training and skills.


Regardless what sport you perform, you need to focus and stay focused until you execute your shot. Try not to get distracted by the environment or the friends you are shooting with because this could ruin all your future shots. Whenever you get tired, and this happens a lot, take a break and wait until you are back on your feet and ready to concentrate on your bow shooting.

Train for what you want

There are different types of bow shots designed for different types of hunting and shooting. Knowing what you train for will help you get a better posture and calculate your distances. You should train from an elevated platform if you are going to practice treestand whitetail hunting while spot-and-stalk hunting requires shooting from your knees and on different angles. Ground blind hunting is best practiced sitting on a chair and aiming randomly. By knowing these tricks, you will certainly manage to improve your shooting skills.

Choose the right time

In order to get the best results, you need to know when it’s the appropriate time to practice and for bow hunting, it’s the first or last hour of the day. At dusk and dawn is when you will have the best sight pictures. Depending on your vision and equipment, you need to see when it’s best for you to shoot bows towards a target. Windy conditions can also help you become a better archer by pushing your limits.

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