Futuristic Cocktail Gadgets for Your Home Bar

Besides being a great decorating item, having your own home bar has the advantage of not having to leave your home when you feel like having a drink with your friends. Plus, you can prepare your own cocktail recipes with your favorite quality ingredients and you don’t have to pay much for them. If your home bar is decorated in a futuristic design, you will want all the barware to match the décor, so the following cocktail gadgets will suit your futuristic home bar.

Somabar, the robot bartender

This strange looking device is a “personal bartender” due to its ability to mix your favorite ingredients into a delicious cocktail in less that 5 seconds. You simply have to connect it to a smart device, download the app, select the ingredients from the variety of cocktail recipes and with the touch of a button you will have a glass with a delicious cocktail.

Hurricane by Electrolux

Although it looks like a Ferris wheel, this is a gadget that mixes cocktail ingredients into a perfectly blended beverage. In addition to its interesting shape, the Hurricane wheel works with a program that allows it to store cocktail recipes that will instruct you which ingredients to insert into the spout on the top of the device. Once all the ingredients are in place, the mixer will blend them into a delicious cocktail.

Wine Steward by Roman Blahnyka

If you are a wine connoisseur, you know how hard it is to achieve the perfect temperature that assures the best flavor and color of the wine. To eliminate the guessing and the hassle in enjoying the finest bottle of wine, the Wine Steward maintains the proper temperature for any type of wine so that the taste will be intense. Once you open the bottle and there is wine left, you shouldn’t worry that it will go to waste because the gadget creates a vacuum inside the bottle to keep the wine fresh and tasty.

Molecule-R Cocktail R-EVOLUTION Mixology Kit

This molecular mixology kit includes gels, foams, or sprays that physically and chemically transform the ingredients to result in more intense and futuristic-looking beverages. The interesting kit comes with everything you need to create futuristic cocktails, including a DVD with recipes of the most delicious drinks. Molecule-R Cocktail R-EVOLUTION Mixology Kit includes 50 additives like cold soluble gelatin, calcium lactate, and xanthan gum, and tools like pipettes and spoons to help you obtain every cocktail you wish.

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