How to Choose a Good Snow Blower

Snow blowers provide an efficient way to get rid of snow rapidly. This is the best alternative for shoveling snow, being able to remove the snow without doing hard labor. When choosing a snow blower that fits your needs, you have to keep account of certain criteria. After all, snow blowers are a long-term investment and you don’t want to buy one that can’t handle the amount of snow that gathers up during winter.

Snow profiling

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a snow blower is the potential workload you will be facing. Choose a two-stage gas powered snow blower if your driveway is hilly, long or wide and the snow coverage is heavy and frequent. This type of snow blower is more powerful and it will face the job at hand without any problems. They have wide augers to gather snow and an impeller to throw it, clearing swaths up to 30 inches wide. When it comes to the two-stage model the price can be as high as 2100$, but it’s worth every penny and it’s a wise investment that will make your job easier. If you have a paved driveway that is flat and mid-sized and you don’t get big amounts of snow, don’t invest in heavy-duty snow blowers. The job can be done perfectly with a single-stage gas blower or a single-stage electric blower; it’s cheaper than the two-stage model, costing a maximum of 900$. You don’t have to overspend if you don’t need a powerful machine.

When comparing the features of various snow blowers, it is best if you read some reviews. On you can find some trustworthy reviews that you can rely on when considering which unit to choose. The snow blower reviews presented there contain all the information necessary for comparing the pros and cons of various units.

Size isn’t all that matters

Don’t fall for advertisements that push big engines and wide clearing swaths on all buyers; size isn’t everything, especially when it comes to snow blowers. Even if the smaller models are not as fast, they are preferable over the bigger models if you live in an area that doesn’t have heavy snow in winter. You overspend without any reason and end up with a model that can do way more that you need it to. The efficiency of a snow blower is not given by the engine that powers it anyway, but rather by the design. The snow blower you choose has to mingle well with the terrain it will be plowing and the width of the driveway. Next time you watch a commercial for snow blowers or a retail person tries to push a certain model on you, keep in mind that power and size aren’t as important as the design.


During winter many injuries, including amputations, are caused by snow blowers. There are people who clear the clogged auger with their bare hands; needless to say it isn’t safe at all. Modern machines come with a clearing tool, but if the model you choose doesn’t have this feature, try using a broom handle or any object that allows you to not be in physical contact with the machine. Gas-powered models are very loud; wear hearing protection to avoid damaging your ears. Also, when using the snow blower keep pets and other people as far as you can from the machine, so they don’t get injured; the blowers throw dangerous things like gravel or ice, which could harm those in proximity of them. Last but not least, keep in mind that exertion on cold weather is a definite don’t! Take breaks when you feel you need it, go inside for a hot cup of tea or anything you like and continue when you feel your body rested and heated.

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