How to Choose a Hairstyle According to Your Face Shape

One of the most important aspects that guarantee the best hairstyle that will suit your physiognomy is your face shape, which must be perfectly framed by the length and the layers of the hairstyle. There are people with square faces, others with round faces or some with long faces and for each of them there is a hairstyle that suit them best. Here is how you can choose a hairstyle according to your face shape so that you will change your look in a positive way.

Hairstyles for a round face

For a round face, you can go for an asymmetrical cut with many uneven layers that will create a mix of lengths. Opt for a side part and side bangs and you will make your face look slimmer regardless the length you choose. If you want a middle part, you can keep the length a couple of inches over the shoulders and create layers that hit at the jaw. When you style your hair, use a big brush to bring the ends of the jaw layers to the interior of the hair so that your round face will be framed by the neat hair ends. The middle part and also be styled into a stylish ponytail right above your ears so that you can keep your hair smooth instead of bouncy. If you prefer short hair, opt for a layered bob with a side part and a little bangs on one side or an angled bob with perfectly sharp ends that will frame the face.

Hairstyles for an oval face

The oval face is one of the most gifted face shapes because it matches any type of hairstyle, whether it’s long, medium or short. Bangs look fabulous on any oval-shaped face as it helps you cut on the length on the face. If you are not a fan of bangs, you can opt for a middle part with layers that you can style into beach waves that will add side volume to your face and make it look rounder. If you opt for short hair, make sure to cover your forehead with a side bangs and choose either a bob or an edgy short cut with plenty of volume in the forehead area.

Hairstyles for a square face

If you have a square face, you must choose hairstyles that will cover the chin in order to cut off the sharp edges. A short bob with sharp ends around the face will work perfectly, as well as a layered cut with plenty of volume at the back. Use a big round brush to arrange the hair ends so that they will cover your chin. If you prefer long hair, the best hairstyle for a square face is long and straight, with no volume or layers that would add to the shape of your face.

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