Electric cars need no introduction today, as almost all of us know the great advantages they bring to our lives and to the air we have to breathe every day. They are the future of the automobile world as they will replace sooner or later the old vehicles we still drive today.

REVA NXR is the product of Reva Electric Car Company, which is an Indian company currently involved in designing and manufacturing compact electric vehicles.

This car is among the best options one can take as it represents a two door hatchback that is provided with user friendly technologies which will make the driving more comfortable and easy.

This NXR car is available both with lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. What makes this car special and unique is the fact that it has a REVive battery charging system and a remote access to its on-board Energy Management System allows it to analyze the stage of battery charge. The support center can determine the battery condition and allow access to the remaining charge. This serves as a virtual back-up battery when there is not much left from the battery charge. So, it seems that the company manufacturing this little car has taken care of all the aspects that can make this car ensure a drive similar to petrol or diesel engine cars.

This small sized car features speed, safety and interior specifications that fall along the lines of a new generation of battery electric vehicles.

REVA NXR is designed to have a better acceleration than its previous models. This little hatchback can reach the speed of 104 kph and the effective range of 160 km. This thing means that driving this car can last up to 160 km with one complete battery charge. And this is great news and it should make this car an efficient option among others.

In addition, the car is provided with a system intelligence that will surely make everything easier for you. The REVA NXR will display important information like the Time-to-full-change, it will pre-heat or pre-cool the car for you, it will mail you reports regarding your driving habits and even unlock the doors as you approach the car.

So, it seem this little smart car has all the good things in it, not to mention its size which is kept small in order to help you find a place where to park with no efforts.

Its exterior design is also great and it completes a list of good things and advantages this car is given by the manufacturing company.

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