Simple Tricks for Achieving Fancy Nail Designs at Home

An impeccable manicure completes a neat look and can be the key to a good impression anywhere you go, so you must not overlook your nails next time you prepare your outfit. You don’t have to go to an expensive salon to have your nails done because you can achieve fancy nail designs at home if you follow these simple tricks.

  • Every woman knows how annoying it can be to have nail polish on their fingers when they paint their nails because not everyone has a perfect dexterity. To avoid getting nail polish all over your fingers, simply apply a mixture of water and glue on the finger area that surrounds your nail. Once you finish painting your nails, you can remove the layer of glue and the excess polish on the finger will also be removed.
  • Instead of struggling to draw perfectly straight lines with your bare hands, use super thin nail tape and apply it on your nails as you like. Color the nails with which nail polish you like, then remove the tape and you will have interesting lines on your nails.
  • If you want to draw something on your nails and you don’t have the skills to use a very thin nail polish brush, you can use a black gel pen that you can find at the office supply store. Draw the contour of flowers, butterflies or other shapes on your nails, wait for about 30 minutes then apply the top coat and you will have beautiful drawings on your nails.
  • If you want to create a gold stone manicure, you can use an empty plastic bag and the effect will be stunning, as if you had had it done at a professional salon. Apply layer of a matte nail polish in a strong color like turquoise, red or even black, crumple a plastic bag and apply a coat of gold nail polish on it. Gently tap the plastic bag to your nails and you will have a great gold stone effect over the strong nail polish color.
  • If you like the lace print, you can obtain it using a piece of lace that yo hold over the nail then apply nail polish over it. When you remove the lace, your nail will have the print on it and all you have to do is apply a layer of transparent coat.
  • Using a porous sponge, you can obtain a gradient effect that looks good on any nail polish color. You can apply a dark shade and create a gradient pattern using a lighter shade, you can use multiple shades to create the impression of a rainbow or you can apply glitter on any nail polish color.

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