The Best Rated Electric Mobility Scooters

Electric mobility scooters offer disabled or incapacitated people the chance to regain their independence and mobility. The mobility scooter should be speedy, nimble and easy to assemble and break down for the owner. In the purchasing of an electric mobility scooter these are the most important aspects: the speed it reaches, how much weight can it support, how much does the battery last and how easy can it be maneuvered. No one wants to feel like a burden for the loved ones; these mobility scooters help these people and improve their lives by giving them back their independence. Next let’s see what the 4 best rated electric mobility scooters are and what each of them has to offer.

The Luggie

The Luggie doesn’t stress you with assemblage by already coming out of the box assembled. It folds up into several forms such as the riding position, the partially collapsed position and the fully collapsed cube. The fully collapsed cube form of folding makes the scooter easy to deposit and transport wherever you go. The Luggeie scooter is compact and portable without neglecting its durability and stability. In addition, it can turn on a 36 inch radius, allowing the user to turn almost all corners. The only disadvantage that the Luggie has is that it’s light in carrying capacity, the maximum weight capacity on this model being 250 pounds.

The Spitfire EX

The Spitfire EX is considered the best electric mobility scooter available. It is able to carry a person that weighs up to 300 pounds and it can reach the speed of 5 mph. A full charge lasts an incredible 15 miles, making the Spitfire EX have one of the longest ranges of the electric mobility scooters. The Spitfire EX has four wheels that make the ride smoother and more stable. The Spitfire EX has high clearance, being three inches above the ground. This makes it able to go across uneven terrain without being damaged. As well, the price of this model isn’t high compared with the prices of lower quality mobility scooters, costing at around $1000.


As well as the Spitfire, the RiderXpress can only carry people who don’t weigh more than 300 pounds. It’s clear that when it was designed, comfort and convenience were determining factors. The RiderXpress has a wide seat with a deep cushion, adjustable armrests and a fold-down top. This model can ride with speeds up to 5 mph and can travel for about 12.5 miles before the battery depletes. It has an amazing turning capacity, making this 4 wheeler seem to be a tree wheeler. Ir’s the best choice for those looking for speed, dexterity and range.

The Sunrunner

The Sunrunner can carry people who weigh up to 300 pounds. The most distinctive trait for this model is the fact that it can travel for 25 miles before the batteries wear off. While you’re using it you can finally enjoy shopping without abstaining from gazing at your favorite thing because you don’t have time left to charge them. It has a top speed of 5 mph just like the RideXpress and the Spitfire EX. Unfortunately, this model isn’t really good at making turns; it has a 50 inch turning radius.

Choosing between these for models can be difficult, especially if you don’t really know what you are looking for. In order to make things easier, we advise you to read some mobility scooter reviews. You can find very helpful reviews on The reviews found on that website will help you realize which features are really worth paying for and which of them could actually make your life easier.

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