The Pre-Hire Job Assessment Test

Because of an unstable market, many organizations make inventories of their human capital by employing a wide range of methods, such as the pre-hire job assessment test. This tests are designed to analyze the personality of applicants and identify their qualities. A typical interview can only provide information about motivation, leadership style and communication skills. Tests can go deeper and reveal a person’s thinking style and problem solving abilities. Pre-employment background checks and test are legal, as long as the tests are properly administered and non-discriminatory.

The Pre-Hire Job Assessment Test are not something recent, employers have been using them to asses if a person is suitable for the job for a long time. Some even require applicants to take an online test when they submit a resume, so they can determine if the curriculum vitae is worth looking at. These assessment tools include credit checks, personality tests, background tests, cognitive tests and even medical examinations.

A job assessment test must be validated for the position it intended for. Employers want to determine if a candidate will fit in the ethical and cultural environment of the company, therefore such tools measure the answers against what the manager has defined as an ideal employee. Most tests focus on the personality, not on the skills, making the interpretation subjective. Because of high employee turnover rates and shrinking human-resources departments, assessment tests are becoming more and more popular.

Passing the test is not hard if you are qualified and prepared for the position. There are no wrong and right answers, so make sure you respond accurately. If all the questions are answered right and you do not pass, you are not what the company is looking for and the resume will not be taken into consideration. But then again, do you really want to work into an environment you don’t fit in?

A pre-employment job assessment test can be conducted in the employer’s office or online. There are many types of pre-hire tests, including talent assessment and personality tests. While personality tests aim to predict the way a person will engage in a conduct, talent tests focus on predicting a new employee’s performance.

Cognitive tests are used to measure skills such as reading comprehension, reasoning, perceptual speed and accuracy and memory. Emotional intelligence (EI) testing can reveal the capacity of an individual to understand and express emotions. Other types of test include drug tests, language proficiency tests, physical ability tests and sample job tasks.

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