Top 4 Best Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaners

A pool definitely requires a very good cleaning, in order to avoid your health being affected. The good news is that you can easily achieve the desired result by using a quality robot cleaner. One of the best manufacturers that are on the market nowadays is Aquabot. These machines are highly recommended by many consumers, due to their durability and efficiency. Here it’s a top 4 best Aquabot pool cleaners.

1. Turbo T-jet

This device definitely deserves to be on the first place in our top of the best automatic pool cleaners, due to its maximum efficiency. It does a great job on many types of pools such as vinyl, fiberglass, concrete and tile. The leaves that usually end up in the water will be easily removed by this unit. Furthermore, even the tiniest particles of dust and dirt will be removed. Algae and debris are very dangerous to our health, and therefore, they will definitely be removed by this powerful machine. Turbo T-jet comes with a 2-year warranty, and it is energy efficient as well.

2. Classic

This amazing unit will remove all the dust, dirt and bacteria find in the water due to its powerful suction. The floor and the steps will also be cleaned extremely easy. Furthermore, while cleaning, this device also equalizes the temperature of water, which is absolutely incredible. People who have pools know that the unpleasant debris develops on the walls, and it can cause health problems if it is not removed. Fortunately, Aquabot Robotic pool cleaner is very efficient and it removes it extremely fast. This is a highly recommended unit due to the fact that it is quite affordable, and it also uses little energy in comparison with other products which can cost you a lot to run them.

3. Junior

This clever unit comes with features such as a self-contained filtration, and a filtration rate of 4,500 gallons per hour. It removes almost everything from the water, including leaves and debris. Whereas other machines can’t clean the walls or the steps, this one can do a great job on those areas as well, and all these things are done at the touch of a button. The device can be used for in-ground pools, no matter the shape. It is considered by many consumers a cost-effective unit, and this is without any doubt a strong reason to choose a product like that. Junior Aquabot is without any doubt one of the automatic cleaners.

4. Turbo T4RC

The fourth product is another high-performance pool cleaner, able to offer complete pool maintenance, by washing, vacuuming, and properly taking care of your swimming area. It features dual drive motors, works with 5 gallons per minute and has a short cleaning time up to 2 hours. Enjoy the premium quality and high-efficiency with this amazing unit that uses the Patented Power Washing Jets in order to get the pool rid of unpleasant algae and dirt. Even more, it is equipped with the NeverStuck system that easily rolls over most of the obstacles. It has a self-contained filtration system while providing you with multiple functionalities, as it’s able to scrub power wash, vacuum, and microfilter clean your pool.

Aquabot offers affordable options in terms of pool cleaning. They probably have the cheapest robotic pool cleaners, but their cleaners are surprisingly efficient. To compare the 3 cleaners presented above, with more expensive automatic pool cleaners, go to comparison sites. There you will find plenty of reviews, including reviews of the Aquabot pool cleaners. You will see that the 3 cleaners presented above have the best price to quality ratio and they recommended by experts and customers alike.

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