Ultimate Radar Detector Shopping Guide

The radar detector is definitely the most loved device by any driver, because it helps them avoid getting speeding tickets by detecting the presence of the radar guns that the police use.
Depending on what you need, there are various types of radar detectors that come at different prices, and have different features.

Things to take in consideration before buying the radar detector

As with purchasing any type of product, you have to take some things in consideration before you head to the store.
First off, you have to set a clear budget to avoid setting your hopes up on a certain radar detector, and seeing that you can’t afford it when you get to the counter. This helps you limit yourself only on the models that are in your price range, and you won’t spend any additional time in a useless way.
Secondly, you have to decide what type of radar detector you want, if you want a basic radar detector, or a laser radar detector.
There are many other things you have to take in consideration when it comes to additional features that the radar detector has, and you have to do your homework before you go shopping so you won’t find yourself in the uncomfortable position of spending hours staring blank faced at all the available models.

Types of radar detectors

There are two types of radar detectors: basic radar detectors, and laser radar detectors.
The basic radar detector notifies you when police officers are using the radar gun, and it doesn’t have any additional features beside this basic one.
It’s a great option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a radar detector, and for those who don’t usually travel a lot, therefore not needing the latest model when it comes to all the additional features.
The downside to basic radar detectors is that they can’t detect the new technology the law enforcement is using, being the laser gun.
The laser radar detector is the best at detecting both radar and laser guns, therefore you won’t have to worry about any type of police control. It’s ideal for those who travel a lot, and who have a little extra money in their pocket, because they are more expensive than the basic models.
They keep up effectively with the latest technology, and if you are willing to buy an expensive model, it will even warn you about upcoming red-light cameras, and dangerous intersections.

Additional features

Radar detectors have many features that make them appealing to any type of driver.
Some of the most interesting features of modern radar detectors are that they can be GPS enabled radar detectors, they have voice activated detectors, their settings can be personalized, they can warn you on false alarms, they can be mounted on the dashboard, and they warn you if the upcoming intersections are dangerous to drive through. Nevertheless, while some models come with these features, they are not as effective as they should be, so you should read some radar detector reviews in order to see if it is worth paying for this features. Quality reviews can be found on bestradardetector.reviews . In addition, some models can warn you about speed traps, red-light cameras, and they will even warn you about areas where construction is being done for you to know to avoid them.

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