Vauxhall Ampera

Electric cars are definitely the alternative for having a cleaner environment and still enjoying the performance driving. If you are currently seeking for a car that will be fuel efficient and it will also cut the carbon emissions, then nothing simpler as there are great options in choosing the electric car that will give you all the expected benefits.

Among the most popular branded electric cars, you should take a look at Vauxhall Ampera, an eco-friendly car that will make you enjoy driving it.

The great thing about this car is that it helps you avoid the unusual restrictions of batteries some other electric cars have. This electric car is offering great electric performance and a range of up to 360 miles. This car was the first plug-in hybrid car put on sale in the UK. It represents the high technology powered by General Motors’ ground-breaking “Voltec” series-hybrid propulsion technology.

The heart of this car is given by its E-REV propulsion system – the world’s first plug-in, electrically driven, extended-range system in a production car – which is responsible for enabling this car to reach up to 360 miles of range.

If you worry about this car power you should know that the Vauxhall Ampera is capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in under 9 seconds.

For those who search for an electric car that will also offer space and comfort for their entire family the good news is that this electric model offers seats up to four and plenty of luggage space.

This car design is great and alongside with the fact it saves you money regarding the fuel consumption, it is a wonderful choice among the other efficient cars.

The Ampera can travel up to 25-50 miles on its battery engine alone and with a further 310 miles on a full tank of fuel.

Regarding its way of running, this car accelerates smoothly and handles precisely, even though the regenerative braking takes a few moments to get used to.

The car can also be pre-heated or pre-cooled while recharging it, so that it is ready to use when getting ready to leave.

While other hybrid cars on road can be described as combustion powered cars backed up by electric assistance, the Vauxhall Ampera represents the fully electric family car with a compact four-cylinder combustion engine included under its bonnet for backup. The difference is huge, as it claims about 300 mpg for the urban use.

There is much more to tell regarding this car, but since it represents the 2012 European Car of the Year that should be enough.

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